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Education is the most important learning in a man’s life. An educated man is never a failure. Today’s children are the future of tomorrow. No two children are identical, even two faces are not identical. So, We have to accept them the way they are and should nurture with love and care. Learning abilities are also different among different children. So they should not be pressurized and we grow them naturally. H.S. DAV Public School, Narkatiaganj just showers your love, affection and gives them time.

Children are the best asset of any nation making the treasure even more valuable are the schools, the teachers, friends and its infrastructure. All put together make up the atmosphere in which the child is to be moulded for future. Thus maximum is invested in children’s needs; be it the laboratories, library, sports facilities, activities or otherthings.  Student’s grooming at all levels goes hand in hand, with  knowledge imparted and the building of overall personality. Not only are teachers well qualified in their subjects but they are also well trained in shaping the children’s attitude, value and culture. Being a part of the DAV tradition students are rooted to their tradition and culture of the east. They are also being provided best in the system to be able to be a part of the west. They are the young ambassadors, sowing the seed of human values and wisdom. So while waiting for the fresh blossom we happily prepare the future torch bearers who would carry forward this rich tradition. We undertake this great mission with the blessings of the Stalwarts of DAV CMC and supports of LMC. This venture becomes easy and enjoyable with the dedication of teachers, hard work of the staff and immense care of the esteemed parents.


With Best Wishes
(Prasant Giri)


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Hyderabad Satyagrah DAV Public School

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